Wednesday, 16 July 2014

[UPDATED] Welcome To "PekoeBlaze In Exile" :) - Or, Why I've (not) Left Wordpress

[UPDATE: It turns out that the problem with my Wordpress blog was due to an excess of scheduled posts rather than, as I had feared, any kind of censorship issue. As such, this has restored my trust and faith in Wordpress and I have decided to return there (my blog on Wordpress can be found here). This blog will not be updated in the near future, but I'll keep it as a backup in case anything like this happens again.]

Yes, it's me. And I'm in exile on Blogspot now. It's kind of a long story.....

I don't know why, but my Wordpress blog got mysteriously suspended and/or locked on Tuesday (due to vague "concerns about the content of my blog"). And, well, they haven't replied to my contact message and - looking at the support page - it doesn't seem likely that they will.

So, basically, I can't do a thing with that blog apart from post comments on it. And even if I somehow got that blog back, this whole kafkaesque incident has soured my formerly quite high opinion of Wordpress's blogging service and completely destroyed my trust in it.

 And, if anyone knows me, then they will know that if there's one thing I hate - it's censorship. If there's one thing I hate even more than censorship, it's opaque, seemingly illogical and mysterious censorship.

 Of course, you might be wondering why I'm on here if my blog on Wordpress is still updating itself at the moment. Well, that's because I had a lot of articles and art posts scheduled on there for the next month or so before everything happened. So, like a mindless zombie, my Wordpress blog will keep shambling on until early September

For a while, I thought about giving up blogging altogether and focusing entirely on my DeviantART page. For about a day or so, this idea felt strangely liberating. But, well, my life seemed kind of empty without a blog of some kind.

So, I've decided to go over to the dark side defect to Blogspot for the forseeable future. I'm not sure what the new posting schedule will be here but since I'm building a new blog from scratch.

EDIT: Since it seems like Blogspot doesn't allow content that has posted on other blogs (eg: my old blog) or will be posted on them (eg: all the stuff that's scheduled to go up there), then I'll have to find  and/or create some "never-seen-before" content on this blog from the very beginning. As such, it might be a while before this blog starts posting as regularly as my previous one did.

Anyway, I'm hopeful about my future here and I hope that I'll get some new content on here eventually.

So, watch this space :)